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Developer's C++ Workshop


Developer's C++ Workshop
Developer's C++ Workshop
is an IDE for native Microsoft®Windows 32-bit development.
    Basicly the project was founded to be a clone of Microsoft Visual Studio. At least the main application was intended to have the same look and feel as the software from Microsoft.
    The major part of the build environment in Developer's C++ Workshop is MinGW32. It means that there will be no Microsoft Foundation Classes. Though I will try make some easy learning C++ classes for programming Windows applications.
    This far Developer's C++ Workshop is programmed with mainly C and C++. It is compiled using MinGW32 commandline tools, GNU Make and GNU Awk.
    There are several license issues about using Developer's C++ Workshop. The program itself is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. So is the major part of MinGW32 and GNU Make. The Scintilla component has it's own license, w32api has some copying limitations and other parts of the build environment are placed in the public domain. Take a look at README.TXT which is included in both the source and the binary distribution of Developer's C++ Workshop.
    Since its quite of out fashion using some Microsoft®Windows platforms not all of them are supported by this project.

You can use Developer's C++ Workshop on these platforms:

  • Microsoft®Windows 98 with Microsoft®Internet Explorer 5
  • Microsoft®Windows ME
  • Microsoft®Windows 2000
  • Microsoft®Windows XP
  • Developer's C++ Workshop
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